run again

day fades, I sigh

my breath escapes me like air squeezed from a punctured tire

emptied of strength because I have put my hands to what has been asked of me

from a Father who knows how far I can run

He takes a moment for as long as I will listen

reviewing better steps to be made tomorrow

then filled fresh, like a tired water bottle ready to be placed in the fridge

and waiting till morning to be reused

for tomorrow, we run again!


Belief in Motion.

Belief in Motion.
What inspiring words.

How much more if we allow them to shape us?
How much more to take the places Jesus says YES to, and run out that path?

Chewing on todays sermon… (yesterday’s thanks to a sudden case of insomnia), I ask myself, “where are the mountains I have not only been called to climb, but have already been given rights to. Belief in motion is so much more than setting out on a path before us, but rather it is running an “unknown” path as if it were one we’ve run a thousand times. And why? BECAUSE HE HAS CALLED US TO IT!!

Rinse off the unbelief and begin.

It is already SET. It is only up to us to choose to run it!

Choose it. Believe it. LIVE IT!!

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Hope that never fades

One hope that never fades is the hope that I will finish well. That I will complete those things the Lord has set before me. But hope alone accomplished nothing. It must be mixed equal part with faith and obedience. I have seen and witnessed first hand the devastation left to hope when obedience is not walked out. I have felt the weening of faith when hope shies away. And I have walked the path of disobedience when faith is mislaid.

Each are proponents to a larger part. Purpose. This purpose is not unto menial existence, but a Kingdom pursuit.