27, the arrival

As it has arrived I got away early this morning to seek the Lord. I must stay mindful of the promises. I must focus in on His purpose.

Epiphany must a daily route.

Tonight was remarkable. Unbelievable even. Amidst a most dreary tempest, calm is spoken and believed for, by both myself and my closest friends.

Oddly, this was the smallest birthday, in number, that most likely I’ve ever had, and yet I leave with the sense that it was profoundly significant, and has left a most dynamic impression on my life.

Amongst a season of trails, some of which were brought on by my own hands, no doubt, and some possibly not. But, all to be examined throughly and held up to the light. All to be embraced with humility. All to be walked out as if they were true. The most harmful result would be that I am a better man for it. I stand closer with friends in this season than ever. Among them are sisters and brothers. Healthy. Functioning. Committed. Among them are people who had written me off at one point and others who should have, yet closely now they stand.. ? .. God, your forbearance with me is quite dumbfounding. That in this season of pressing, I feel more believed in and known than ever before.

Words of affirmation were spoken, and with an almost disbelieving heart, I remembered. I remembered the passions that have driven me. A love for people and a passion to see them succeed. A Heart for outsiders to be brought in. A desire to influence others to leave all they must to pursue Him with all they can.
Influence is not something deposited by those in position, or forced by those who lead. Influence rather is, metaphorically an emitting of direction.

  • The word originally had the general sense [an influx, flowing matter,] also specifically (in astrology) [the flowing in of ethereal fluid (affecting human destiny).] The sense [imperceptible or indirect action exerted to cause changes] was established in Scholastic Latin by the 13th cent., but not recorded in English until the late 16th cent.
  • Influence is an inherent “substance” that is emitted by simply being who it is we have been made to be. Influencers guide at all times, leading by way of their own actions. These actions of influencers can be detrimental or life-breathing.

To influence or not, is not in query. What must be answered, however, is how will I influence.