wonder and hope

fill me deep from within

like a billowing of smoke from a winters fire

faith in my father

standing ferm as stone

I grip tomorrow

and leave today


allow me

Allow Me

i think

i wonder

my mind reels between the beauty of canvas

and the heart of my Father

if i could create to my hearts contentment

my hand would forever be holding a brush

dripping of paint

my life would be one creative burst of color

one continuous statement of bold hope

Father, allow me to create

even an inkling of the love i feel

from You

for You

it would be an all-consuming life-long feat

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my secret room

one day i will have a room who’s walls are filled with canvas upon canvas. and who’s scent is of oak and acrylic. this room shall be the only one who knows the depth of my dreams. no ears shall hear but His, no heart shall delight as does mine but His as He watches my strokes become permanent reminders of the joy that must forever be hidden till the day when it finally explodes at the feet of my True Father as i lay them at His feet. then, shall my attempts be made perfect, and my incomplete, be completed. This day where no more ponder shall cross my brow, but only in fullness shall they lie upon my heart exposed for all to see the beauty hidden in His thoughts.

Belief in Motion.

Belief in Motion.
What inspiring words.

How much more if we allow them to shape us?
How much more to take the places Jesus says YES to, and run out that path?

Chewing on todays sermon… (yesterday’s thanks to a sudden case of insomnia), I ask myself, “where are the mountains I have not only been called to climb, but have already been given rights to. Belief in motion is so much more than setting out on a path before us, but rather it is running an “unknown” path as if it were one we’ve run a thousand times. And why? BECAUSE HE HAS CALLED US TO IT!!

Rinse off the unbelief and begin.

It is already SET. It is only up to us to choose to run it!

Choose it. Believe it. LIVE IT!!

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26 years and 364 days

I’m sure you’ve had your own bouts with trouble, fears, tragedy… I’m certainly no exception. This isn’t some woeful brooding of mans last 2 days before 27, but rather, a reflection.

A reflection of loss. Hope. Brokenness. Dreams.

Season’s of epitaph to hope seem to have repeated. But, my heart is bound to relentless hope. I do admit.. this hope that has seemed to fade strongly from time to time and yet to never fade completely. A hope seems to be ever set before me. A hope for growth. Maturity. Freedom.

So, on the edge of 27 I stand. Not without some level of fear, but certainly with an apt amount of courage.

THIS WILL BE a year of faith, a year of trust, a year of perseverance, a year of obedience, a year of transference, a year of inherent value, a year of strength, a year of love, and a year of full life.

I believe for a stronger year then what these eyes have ever seen. This is a year where hope will not disappoint.