EPIC Life Creative


EPIC Life Creative t is a growing group of artist, designers and writers with one common goal; to glorify Jesus in our culture through the arts.

We are linked by common goals, standards, and vision. We are called to full-time creativity. We are committed to quality and originality. We are contending to see the arts redeemed. We desire to connect the world to Jesus by way of visually depicting His love and good news. We believe Christ is the only Way, Truth, and Life.

ECA’s (EPIC Creative Artists) and  are available for hire in all area’s of design; Business Identity, Decor, Art, Event Styling, Video, Web Design, Print Materials, Illustration and more.


Please visit our main site for our full portfolio: www.EpicLifeCreative.com

To get in touch click here or write to Stoney@EpicLifeCreative.com.

Graphic Designer, Nashville | Franklin Tn, Tennessee


One thought on “EPIC Life Creative

  1. Hi Stoney,

    Long time no talk. I hope you are having a fabulous day! I thought of you when my CPA asked me if I knew of anyone who designs brochures. I was not sure if this was something you do or have time to do. Would you be interested in this?


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