Today is made for submission to my Fathers heart

Throwing away empty and vain pursuits

Search me and know me Father

From my inmost, out

I surrender fresh to you

In delight of your promise

To me, Your son


run again

day fades, I sigh

my breath escapes me like air squeezed from a punctured tire

emptied of strength because I have put my hands to what has been asked of me

from a Father who knows how far I can run

He takes a moment for as long as I will listen

reviewing better steps to be made tomorrow

then filled fresh, like a tired water bottle ready to be placed in the fridge

and waiting till morning to be reused

for tomorrow, we run again!


night drapes around me like a heavy warm coat on a frosty morning

tranquilizing peace subdues the rushing thoughts of today

like a deep breath after touching the bottom of a pool.

heavyness seems to run off as water

and joy fills me quickly like the crest of  roller coaster.

I am still again.

at peace.

and full of my Fathers love..

and I forget why I didn’t remember sooner…

and remind myself to remember.

Further Still

Before me is a path that seems forever long. But it’s days are counted. While I do not know how many bad days and good days there will be, this one thing I do know. God is faithful every single step along the way and is worthy of all my devotion.

I do feel quite inadequate when viewing the grandiose vision of where the Lord is leading me. And I suppose I should. Part of it makes me feel crazy, and on the other hand, it assures me that God in fact is the one leading.

To love, serve and build alongside ministries and churches. To partner with individuals, bringing my faith as a hand in their back, pushing them on saying “yes” to the call of God on their lives and reminding them.

Nothing brings more joy than to walk with friends and comrades through the difficult times and into the “ah ha” moments. Those brief and pivotal minutes of seeing clearly just long enough to mark your course out according to what the Lord is revealing and setting trail.

I think fondly of the trail blazers who I have been graced to cross paths with. Bob Reagan. The Buchanans. The Evrist. People who have on more than one occasion been the hand in my back.

If anyone is reading this, remember the path the Lord has had you on. Think back on your first days of knowing the Lord and how far He has taken you. Farther still, the journey has just began.


Who knew recovery could be such a long road? And a better question, if knowing how long the road was when starting out, how differently would you live? Would it spark you towards greater diligence? Or would it have caused you to give up?

Praise God He only lets us know what we need to know and doesn’t show us the entire picture upfront!

So, choose today, persevere! Choose to walk out the path He has laid before us regardless of how we feel!

Life on the edge..

A few days ago pastor dale, my sr pastor at new song, said “live life on the edge and put pressure on the promises of God.” that way we must count on God to fulfill what He has promised. A life of faith.

As I go into this Sunday morning I am reminded of this. How am I putting pressure on the promises of God? I would say at this point, I am not fully sure. I am seeking Him for how to walk out my business. Meeting w leaders and seeking their counsel. I am growing to a point of boldness to narrow the scope of what clients I take on. I am not afraid to limit who I work with to see a greater dynamic of God’s power in those He calls me to work with.

I am challenged as a young bussinessman to seek out how to run my business as a minitsrty. At the end of my time here on earth, if all I have accomplished is making a few pretty pictures I have failed totally.

God, show me, show us how to live life fully on the edge of your promises. Faith to faith. Glory to glory. God, teach us.