gray night & fluorescent day
melt and fold into a million dreams
then break and fly away to meet tomorrow


Further Still

Before me is a path that seems forever long. But it’s days are counted. While I do not know how many bad days and good days there will be, this one thing I do know. God is faithful every single step along the way and is worthy of all my devotion.

I do feel quite inadequate when viewing the grandiose vision of where the Lord is leading me. And I suppose I should. Part of it makes me feel crazy, and on the other hand, it assures me that God in fact is the one leading.

To love, serve and build alongside ministries and churches. To partner with individuals, bringing my faith as a hand in their back, pushing them on saying “yes” to the call of God on their lives and reminding them.

Nothing brings more joy than to walk with friends and comrades through the difficult times and into the “ah ha” moments. Those brief and pivotal minutes of seeing clearly just long enough to mark your course out according to what the Lord is revealing and setting trail.

I think fondly of the trail blazers who I have been graced to cross paths with. Bob Reagan. The Buchanans. The Evrist. People who have on more than one occasion been the hand in my back.

If anyone is reading this, remember the path the Lord has had you on. Think back on your first days of knowing the Lord and how far He has taken you. Farther still, the journey has just began.

three seconds of thought

trapped in swaying emotions of time

each beat drowns the next

fleeting but only a few steps

till the next invading of hope 

scours the current


dismay in dismal return 

for tiresome efforts

cry out to shut the night

drawing to a close another day without end


sinking heart and crying skin

aching for wholeness

stretching for belief 


transposes now to a key higher than my own


focus onward oh lonely mind

to a day when evenness of weight

distributes to all points equally


weigh me down no longer

nor tie me to a wider path


I cringe in gasping remembrance

of days passed by

I callapse slowly

as if saying again, I surrender


this day does pass

and with it fear

this hour does pass

and with it shame

this minute does pass 

and with it a loathing mind

this second does pass

and with it the next



Each moment has but one chance to breathe. After it has passed, it can never be retraced, not one second lost can be recovered. Live fully every instant. Choose wisely each word. Every day is a collection of significant seconds. 


I focus. I focus. I refocus towards promise. Towards dreaming. Toward the end of hopelessness just past the end of me. The end of fear. The end of barriers that have trapped me. That have held me back. That have trampled at times on my sight. Blinding me. Impairing my vision. Darkening the steps that I must take. That call to me. That stir without cease my soul. That I have been born for. That I have been born for. That I have been born for.