a new year begins in amazement

… i feel so humbled beginning this year. It has been a year of triumph and victory born out of the most difficult of days. this year has been one of perseverance, easily.

Out of these ashes the Lord has brought about a… stronger than ever… feeling. ya know, it’s funny. although i am sure i am stronger than before, and much further along especially in the areas hope, perseverance, and faith, i feel… well, not the way i expected i would.

I do not feel weak, nor do i feel strong. however, i do feel a brilliance of confidence in where, when and how God has placed me.

The other night I woke up from a dream, where the Lord spoke something very clear to me.

“often we want to know every detail of where it is the Lord is calling us, when all He is wanting for us to go there.”

I believe that will be a word over this year for so many of us. one that will lead us to the victorious life we have been born for. shedding off the barriers of questions and fear to run with confidence.


Belief in Motion.

Belief in Motion.
What inspiring words.

How much more if we allow them to shape us?
How much more to take the places Jesus says YES to, and run out that path?

Chewing on todays sermon… (yesterday’s thanks to a sudden case of insomnia), I ask myself, “where are the mountains I have not only been called to climb, but have already been given rights to. Belief in motion is so much more than setting out on a path before us, but rather it is running an “unknown” path as if it were one we’ve run a thousand times. And why? BECAUSE HE HAS CALLED US TO IT!!

Rinse off the unbelief and begin.

It is already SET. It is only up to us to choose to run it!

Choose it. Believe it. LIVE IT!!

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Today We Stand

Today I stand sure faced, and a solid heart

Sure of my future that is set before me

Solid in my steps that lead me closer to Him

A few days ago I began asking, “Lord, who am I.” Not that I was asking as though I was completly clueless, but more that my heart has felt so transformed I am needing, and desiring to see CLEARLY who I am in the absence of mal-perception.

Quickly He began answering. But it was not in the way I thought it would be. He began listing out words that bescribe me. Encourager. Strong. Loving. Creative… Etc… The list went on. But with that list, I began recieveing site again for who he had ALREADY told I was.

Today, my heart feels strengthend. Last night those I graduated the student intern program with gathered for a reunion. It was of usual sorts till the sharing began. Tony Kline and Pastor Dale shared from the topic of “Heavenly Vision”. Remembering and not losing sight of what the Lord has already shared with us.

Remembering what He has already told us is priceless. Remembering where He has called us is intrumental and life breathing.

I challenge you, even if you think you already know, ask the Lord, “what words describe me?” Let him tell you, write them down.

Next, take time to remember. Ask yourself, where was it, when was it that I felt the most excitted about what the Lord was saying… about what He was asking of you… about what He was having you involved in. Let Him remind you, write them down.


trust; a bridge that must be crossed


Trust is an issue I seem to repeatedly fall short with. Regardless of how many people in my life have lead me well, or loved me beyond what is expected, I seem to always lose trust in them at one point or another. The most tragic outcome being that I may attempt to cut them off completely, or at least try for a season.

How is this? Failure I experienced from my brother? Seems as though I would have resolved a majority of those issues long ago… father wound? Wouldn’t think so. On more than one occasion I’ve had people bring up the father wound card, trying to convince me there was some debilitating trauma; and for a season, I even tried to believe it. But, I have seen that simply just is not true. All the evidence points to a loving father, appropriately protective and caring. Sure mistakes along the way, who’s perfect? But certainly not the presumed infractions of fatherhood one would assume to exist in one who deals with such issues as I.

So what then is this breech of trust that has brought such impoverishment in many of my relationships?

My view of the Lord… somewhere it seems must be off. Somewhere in the mix of all this life, I cannot fully grasp that my Father, through and through cares madly about me… This disbelief to whatever degree does exist, bleeds deeply into every are of my life. So where trust is meant to be a crossing over from glory to glory, somehow, an impeding force stands in its place.

So again, this entry is not rara avis to any others on this page, in that I do not have completed answers; questions that necessitate response.