gray night & fluorescent day
melt and fold into a million dreams
then break and fly away to meet tomorrow


Life on the edge..

A few days ago pastor dale, my sr pastor at new song, said “live life on the edge and put pressure on the promises of God.” that way we must count on God to fulfill what He has promised. A life of faith.

As I go into this Sunday morning I am reminded of this. How am I putting pressure on the promises of God? I would say at this point, I am not fully sure. I am seeking Him for how to walk out my business. Meeting w leaders and seeking their counsel. I am growing to a point of boldness to narrow the scope of what clients I take on. I am not afraid to limit who I work with to see a greater dynamic of God’s power in those He calls me to work with.

I am challenged as a young bussinessman to seek out how to run my business as a minitsrty. At the end of my time here on earth, if all I have accomplished is making a few pretty pictures I have failed totally.

God, show me, show us how to live life fully on the edge of your promises. Faith to faith. Glory to glory. God, teach us.

a new year begins in amazement

… i feel so humbled beginning this year. It has been a year of triumph and victory born out of the most difficult of days. this year has been one of perseverance, easily.

Out of these ashes the Lord has brought about a… stronger than ever… feeling. ya know, it’s funny. although i am sure i am stronger than before, and much further along especially in the areas hope, perseverance, and faith, i feel… well, not the way i expected i would.

I do not feel weak, nor do i feel strong. however, i do feel a brilliance of confidence in where, when and how God has placed me.

The other night I woke up from a dream, where the Lord spoke something very clear to me.

“often we want to know every detail of where it is the Lord is calling us, when all He is wanting for us to go there.”

I believe that will be a word over this year for so many of us. one that will lead us to the victorious life we have been born for. shedding off the barriers of questions and fear to run with confidence.

allow me

Allow Me

i think

i wonder

my mind reels between the beauty of canvas

and the heart of my Father

if i could create to my hearts contentment

my hand would forever be holding a brush

dripping of paint

my life would be one creative burst of color

one continuous statement of bold hope

Father, allow me to create

even an inkling of the love i feel

from You

for You

it would be an all-consuming life-long feat

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my secret room

one day i will have a room who’s walls are filled with canvas upon canvas. and who’s scent is of oak and acrylic. this room shall be the only one who knows the depth of my dreams. no ears shall hear but His, no heart shall delight as does mine but His as He watches my strokes become permanent reminders of the joy that must forever be hidden till the day when it finally explodes at the feet of my True Father as i lay them at His feet. then, shall my attempts be made perfect, and my incomplete, be completed. This day where no more ponder shall cross my brow, but only in fullness shall they lie upon my heart exposed for all to see the beauty hidden in His thoughts.