“… your entire being absolutely and categorically rejects being unknown. It wants you to wake up and realize that to experience a deep sense of fulfillment, you must take the journey toward being known for who you really are.” – Marcus Ryan


I’ve read this before. Perhaps I’ve even posted on it. But in light of my week, it holds all new meaning. For me, as hidden areas have been forced to the surface, I see heignsight how deeply I have felt my “being” rejecting not being known. However until coming to grips with my “unknown-ness”, I chalked this up merely to being rejected.

A far cry from the truth.

Now lays before me the journey; being know and the consequences of hiding. But I set out with expectancy that a deep sense of fulfillment will follow close behind.

Already, I feel a realness that is both painful and joyful. Painful for the realities I set around me; and joyful that they are now in plain site.

With passion I write these words, Father I seek you.


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