We as a people write, telling of who we are, and where are are, in hopes that someone reading can identify. Find hope. Believe.

Over months I have written, and journaled my journey… and now retracing entries and steps I can undoubtedly see where “hope” though being written of, was not so drenching within me as I thought. It was certainly to the degree that I did not give up. That I persevered. That I could see a brighter future.

However, is it true hope, that when truly shining in us illuminates all around? Or the typical “light at the end of the tunnel”?

I can say, positively things have changed. Maturity has grown. But with honesty, challenge is ever present. And yet, how different I feel.

God of hope, speak deeply to my heart of your love and purpose for me. I desire unspeakably, to honor you and pursue all it is that you have for me.


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