I will do

Ponder and search for an answer as I may

I will not find one outside of You

Laughter and tears may flow

But not outside of Your care

My destiny is engraved on my heart

It is a breathing part of me

Every bit as much as my own pulse

I sence You and I will run no more away

I hear and You and I will stop

I will listen

I will do


One thought on “I will do

  1. “My destiny is engraved on my heart”
    Your name is engraved on the palm of His hands, your face is ever before Him. Your destiny is engraved on your heart because He etched it, and your destiny is inseperately knitted to His heart because you are His, and and He wills it to be fully accomplished. Let no crevice of your heart and be your own.

    The Northern most light
    A fixed its blaze in my heart
    And long it burned consuming
    ‘Till all was lost but its sight.

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