Today I venture into questions I’ve asked before… But, today, they seem so different…

Who am I?

I know this series of quandary seems odd for a 27 year old man to be asking, but none the less this must be asked. Since the Lord brought firm revelation of mal-perception I have lived from and by… a code of misconjuncted ethics believing I have been mistreated, misunderstood, mischaracterized, and misjudged…

Yesterday, I realized a new sense of quietness amid my usually full head… I began to question how much i really knew of myself without these “perceptions” present.

Much I know. I am called by the Lord. I am set apart for good works in Him. That i am confident of.

However, this revelation of 4M’s has left me… quite.

I have not recoiled to lick wounds, but rather, I have realized I am much more healed than I believed.

I am NOT mistreated. I am NOT misjudged. I am NOT mistreated. I am NOT misunderstood. The endless battle of an artist forever “different from the rest” is not mine.

So, where does that leave me now?… With a much more quiet mind than before. I am not fighting forever the up hill wars of discriminationalism.

I am still. Now left free to learn who I am. Me. Without the confines I myself created. I AM FREE TO RUN.

As me. Only a more mature me.


3 thoughts on “me?

  1. You rock my world every time you type or speak. I love you for that! I have learned SO much from you….keep running towards the place of growth! It’s so awesome to witness.

  2. “I am much more healed than I believed.” This is a true statement. And it’s about time you are seeing this for yourself since it’s been evident for sometime. Again, God is streamlining things in your life, bringing greater continuity, increasing the horsepower for you to run further with greater momentum.

    Ask yourself also this question, without these perceptions/filters…or rather, instead of asking “Who am I?” ask instead “Who are You?” request this instead, “Show me Your glory!” With false filters shattered, meditate on the attributes of Dad. Isaiah, Ezekiel, Revelation, Exodus…eyes of fire, feet of burnished bronze, slow to anger…etc. Because what you behold you become. Now that you’re filters are gone, you need to train yourself to view with His. If you don’t replace old ones with correct ones…old patterns will creep back in. DON’T LET THEM. again do NOT let them. Sin is crouching at your door, but you are to have master over it. YOU are to have master over it. How? The old body in it’s sin and flesh is dead and crucified, so think on things of the spirit so that you don’t obey the lusts of the flesh.

    OK, that’s all. Great blog Stoney.

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