In the end, there is only one choice to be made; follow what we know to be true from the One who is Truth, or rely on what we have tangibly seen with our own eyes.

And although the voice yells loudly, “this time will be different”. We can count the pages journaled with those same words. It is time we burned our pages filled with scribbled reason and poetic wisdom for the truth that does set us free.

For each it is different and unique self-reasoned proverb we must combat with truth.

God has created me for purpose.

I are more than my job.

I will not be like my parents.

I am not a failure.

I am loved.

… I did it.

The farce is so convincingly similar to the truth that we must not, we cannot rely on our own perception, but lean fully on the One who loves us most. Listen to those who lovingly confront. Partner with those who see you clearly… and trust deeply that He who began a good work will see it through to completion.

But, we MUST face the reality, the truth and reject the believable lies.


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