4 Events that shaped a boy and are reshaping a man

4 Events that shaped a boy

1) what I believe is my earliest memory, is of me spilling cereal and getting in trouble with my angry grandmother.

2) In kindergarter I was playing a game and accidentally poked a girl with a pencil. When the teacher came in 10 minutes later she started crying and I was pulled out of the room and paddled.

3) Also, in kindergarten we were given an art project. We were to color in the shape of an apple. I used all my favorite colors, I can still see it… and I’m pretty sure I would use the same colors today. It was vibrant, creative… Yet, I was severely reprimanded for not making it “look” like an apple. She should have been more clear in her instructions or at least explained it better, but instead I got in trouble.

4) In the same class we were having a discussion on shapes, specifically the shape of a diamond. I remember the teacher embarrassing me, but it was her that wouldn’t listen to what i was trying to say. I was done and wasn’t going to try anymore.

4 Events that are reshaping a man

1) When I was 4, I spilled my cereal at my grandmothers house and she began, with this opportunity, to teach be about stewardship and cleaning up after myself.

2) In kindergarten I was retarded and thought it would be funny to run into people with my pencil. It wasn’t funny to the girl I hurt. My teacher took me in the hall and called me retarded. Kidding. But she did take the opportunity to help me remember not to do it again.

3) Also, in kindergarten we were given the assignment complete a picture of an apple. I did what I wanted and didn’t follow the instructions. And while it was still creative, it wasn’t what she had asked for and she graded me according to her instructions.

4) In the same class I argued the point that two triangles make a square and a square twisted makes a diamond. (follow me here… A diamond is a figure with four equal sides… right so far… forming two inner obtuse angles and two inner acute angles… ya…) a square, even if its twisted on its side still isn’t a diamond by definition… ya… I was just wrong. Lesson. Let the teacher teach.


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