Paths In The Wilderness.

Grace is given to those who run the paths they have been created for.

These paths are often not ones we would choose, but rather they have been chosen for us. They are often longer. More treacherous. And the most advantageous.

There are also paths we would think are the ones we are to take. They lead us most often to an undesired destination. Unforeseen by our own eyes. Leaving us to retrace our steps.

The paths we were born for do however lead to incredible purpose. Purpose so grand and impactful to all those around us, only their shadows can be seen in our dreams. Were we to see it all in a glance, we could not contain it.

That is why we must look to the next step we are to take. Then the next. Then the next. Trusting the One who made the path that what He has started, He will finish.


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