three seconds of thought

trapped in swaying emotions of time

each beat drowns the next

fleeting but only a few steps

till the next invading of hope 

scours the current


dismay in dismal return 

for tiresome efforts

cry out to shut the night

drawing to a close another day without end


sinking heart and crying skin

aching for wholeness

stretching for belief 


transposes now to a key higher than my own


focus onward oh lonely mind

to a day when evenness of weight

distributes to all points equally


weigh me down no longer

nor tie me to a wider path


I cringe in gasping remembrance

of days passed by

I callapse slowly

as if saying again, I surrender


this day does pass

and with it fear

this hour does pass

and with it shame

this minute does pass 

and with it a loathing mind

this second does pass

and with it the next



Each moment has but one chance to breathe. After it has passed, it can never be retraced, not one second lost can be recovered. Live fully every instant. Choose wisely each word. Every day is a collection of significant seconds. 


One thought on “three seconds of thought

  1. This is so dismal. :p
    Ok, but seriously it’s not.

    You know what it is about your writing, I just thought of two words that describe it, which will come as no surprise to you probably. Epic and romantic. Romantic in the literary sense that there is always some underlying thread of tragedy, adventure, beauty and overcoming. And epic as defined as: A long narrative poem on a serious subject, usually centred on a heroic or supernatural person. For you that’s aka Jesus.

    Reminds me of the elves in Lord of the Rings, extended edition. Poignant, beautiful, mysterious and tragic; well, tragic in that their age had ended for middle earth. Anyways you have unknowingly written with a medieval flaire!

    HOWEVER, that was a tangent. I was only going to comment on the last 3 sentences of your blog. They would be great on a mouse pad! Haha, you know like those inspirational sayings they make posters of? I say the mouse pad in mild jesting; but what you said there is impacting, and inspiring. No exaggeration. We make so many choices or think of so many thoughts in just a few short seconds, that truly are significant. Because thoughts then become actions which become movements that shape the people around us.

    Didn’t really follow the 2nd paragraph, though all of what you’ve written here are abstract enough to allow the reader to personalize and interpret; that one is difficult for me to track. That may have to do with the fact that I am not sure if it is one continuous thought or if their needs to be some punctuation added to help the reader know how to process your thoughts. That may help.

    To think outside the box you have to start inside the heart? hmm, i may go write about that.

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