Humility and Obedience in trying times.

It’s not a question of how good God is. He just IS good, period. The question is how good will we allow Him to be by way of our humility and obedience.


In a recent conversation with the Lord I was expressing my frustration with several circumstances in my life. Some, yes, that I have brought on myself. But some that have been thrust upon me, and therefore I am involved. ~~ Regardless, my response is always to be a constant one of humility and obedience to the Lord.

He is good, with good plans for the furthering of His kingdom. So, if there is a trying time in my life, it is to bring about a bettering of His kingdom! I can rest in knowing that if I will continue walking sure-footed in Him, or certainly if need be, turn from my wicked ways, then He will be glorified. The end result is Him being made more known.

So in trying times, I know one of these 3 are true. 1) He loves me and is correcting me from a path I was taking that I should not have been. 2) He loves me and desires to see me go to a new place of trusting Him and His ways. 3) He loves me and is allowing my faith to be tested knowing that the end result will be a stronger, faster, more firm advancer of Him in this world.

So… I can choose to rest in Him. I can choose to be obedient to all He is asking of me. I can choose to walk in humility. In all this knowing He will be made more known! His name will be advanced! People will come to know Him!

My role is to play my part faithfully.

Forward focused. Forward motion.


One thought on “Humility and Obedience in trying times.

  1. Wow.
    That’s good.
    The opening quote, did you come up with that or did you find it somewhere?
    Either way, it’s really good.

    Thank you for this.

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