We will persevere


“There are dreams in peoples hearts under attack and in danger of dying, the lord knows all of what that means in out lives, but I heard him say clearly, go to war for your dreams, but go to war together.”

– Pastor Dale Evrist



I will hope with a hope that is not my own, but with hope that has been instilled in me and in my heart by a God who loves me with a firm and unchanging love.

These days are dangerous. The enemy of our souls is out against that which the Lord desire to see take place. This Week is set apart for growth. Where there have been prophetic words spoken over these weeks of March and April, that they will be ones of realignment and abrasive growth, the enemy desires to see those words not only slowed, but destroyed. Now is the time to be aware of this. The battles you are facing that seem to be more difficult in recent days feel that way, because they have been. They have been diliberate and intentional attacks. They have been allowed for the testing of your faith and resolve. But know this, we stand not in a war who’s outcome is in question. We infinatly triumph.

It is imperative that we wage this war together. 


One thought on “We will persevere

  1. Stoney,

    Your writings are very real and inspiring/encouraging. Thank you for posting these! I feel spurred on and encouraged. Please keep writing. You have a gift that is glorifying the Lord, as you share it with others. You’re stewarding the gift well. 🙂


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