At the Edge of Promise

Numbers 32 

The Israelite’s, after years of wilderness, after watching an entire generation die, stood once again at the edge of promise. All that had been prophecied was now within steps of them. To the front, promise. To the rear, wilderness. Numbers 32, describes this event… I admit, as I read on, I was amazed how the Lord brought them around, full circle to face the promise that they’d already once denied. Yet, convicted I see the reality of my life, and almost daily choices to retreat or step into promise.

What marks me here, is the reality that as promise is set before us, to lay hold of it, war must be waged. A war must be fought. This war has a garunteed outcome. but, not with out sometimes intense battle. While He fights for us and with us, we must step out. We must prepare for daily battle. We must suit up, and at times pass through seasons of sleeping in our armor.

Before us lies the promise. Our choice; fight or return to wilderness.  You see, at the edge of promise, more is at stake than seems. On one side, we ever so slightly evade wilderness’ parameter to see the glimpse of promise. We have not quite left our past wilderness. Here in can lie the deciete. For we can see the brightness of what lies still ahead, and our trek is just beyond the encombersome wilderness we’ve known. We feel the warmth of new day, and the fleeting shyness of night, with out entering or leaving either. But rather riveted between both domains.  To stay in this place would leave one in perpetual paradox, each domain refuting the other. This realm-in-between is where many, I would even venture to say most, desire to live.  Just beyond the deep thickets of wilderness and yet not in the prophecied promise.

But this is not the life we have been born to live. We can forgo war no more. For to shirk from it any longer would not leave us in this realm-in-between, but rather send us hurling into the wasteland again… There is no perpetual realm-in-between. As we stand face to face with promise we are left with only one determination. Invade the promise or not.

To leave the death we’ve know, risking life to enter the promise seems as nothing.

Venture out. Risk it. Live the full life.


One thought on “At the Edge of Promise

  1. WOW, I hadn’t read this blog until just now. How relevant, current and true.

    And I don’t think it sounds like you are trying to hard to use big words. This is very articulate, but not overdone.

    Why is it that we so often prefer to live at the outskirts of the wilderness but not enter into the possessing of our promises? What effect of the fall made us think we were called to less than ruling and reigning and grew in us both apathy and fear? Hmmmm. Now is the mandate to begin to possess the land…and the Lord promises to send fear before us into the heart of the enemy as we step out. We are a force to be reckoned with, because we go in the power of Almighty God. His has taken captivity captive and given gifts to men, and all the forces of Hell will not prevail against the sons of men! Oh, that we would rise up and face the challenge that each new day brings with hope and fortitude! So rise you daughters and stand you sons…claim the victory that Jesus won! 🙂

    AMEN! That’s a good word right there Stoney…keep up the writing.

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