“Sometimes He hides you, to heal you, so that out of wholeness we can be released into fullness…”

“This really is a new day of possibilities. This is a day like none other. It’s not over for you if that’s how you feel. It’s not going to be the way it’s always been, even if the way it’s been has been good, it’s going to get way better! AND if your life has been marked by progressive failure, it’s done. It’s over. It’s over! Provided that we join our hearts together, and say were standing in a new day and standing for the fullness of the new day being realized in our lives. There is nothing more discouraging and depressing than being hopeless. Hopelessness leads to depression. But we are not people of hopelessness. We are people of hope. And hope will anchor our emotions. It keeps our emotions settled. God is never limited by your dilemma. He is active in bringing a solution to your dilemma.”

“… Don’t be discouraged, don’t drift. Don’t get drug in to the shadows. Remember the difference between hiddenness and hiding. Hiddenness is God preparing you. God sometimes says, ‘not now but soon, not now but someday’. You get into hiding, that’s where satan wants you, he says ‘not ever’.”

“When you hear people saying things you know are not true, speak the truth to them… Say to them, ‘I’m your friend, I’m here for you, your going to make it. I know your circumstances… but I want to neutralize the effect of words that would say there’s no hope for you. state the pain. place the comma. Finish the sentence…”

— Pastor Dale Evrist



Being hidden can feel cold. It can feel unnerving. However, when it is the Lord moving you into a season of being hidden, you can be sure, as you embrace it, He will make good on it and there will be great fruit that will serve you well in the years to come. Often we fear being hidden. Being hidden is far from comfortable, because of any season, if feels as though we have the least control. Hope must be our strength, thou it feels wasted most days, we must grasp tightly to it. He will bring us through. We see in days of being hidden some of the most miraculous fruit rise up. Transformation taking place. Preparation taking place.

Out of 40 years in the wilderness the Israelites entered their promised land.

Out of 400 years of silence we see the entrance of our Saviour.

Out of 40 days in the desert Jesus begins His ministry.

Regaurdless of what reason would say as to why your entering into a season of being hidden, the truth is, any season of being hidden we are entering into it with one purpose; a greater perfecting in Christ Jesus. And know that on the other side, which you will reach, you will be stronger.








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