Hope that never fades

One hope that never fades is the hope that I will finish well. That I will complete those things the Lord has set before me. But hope alone accomplished nothing. It must be mixed equal part with faith and obedience. I have seen and witnessed first hand the devastation left to hope when obedience is not walked out. I have felt the weening of faith when hope shies away. And I have walked the path of disobedience when faith is mislaid.

Each are proponents to a larger part. Purpose. This purpose is not unto menial existence, but a Kingdom pursuit.


One thought on “Hope that never fades

  1. This blog is perhaps the most profound thing I have read in a long time. Aside from the Word of God challenging me and pressing me in on every side; what you have said here is extremely impacting. It is a divine picture of the tension between God working out our salvation and us working it out with fear and trembling. Both seemingly polar opposites, and yet working in tandem and total balance with each other. Or at least they should be. Or said another way, to obey is better than sacrifice. Or said even another way if we love him we must obey him, and yet we can still say that in order to please God we must first believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Wonder if you could switch out love with obedience and say “faith, hope and obedience. But the greatest of these is obedience.”

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