of Stoney Noell, Owner and Creative Director of Epic Life Creative, A Graphic Design Company

26 years and 364 days

I’m sure you’ve had your own bouts with trouble, fears, tragedy… I’m certainly no exception. This isn’t some woeful brooding of mans last 2 days before 27, but rather, a reflection.

A reflection of loss. Hope. Brokenness. Dreams.

Season’s of epitaph to hope seem to have repeated. But, my heart is bound to relentless hope. I do admit.. this hope that has seemed to fade strongly from time to time and yet to never fade completely. A hope seems to be ever set before me. A hope for growth. Maturity. Freedom.

So, on the edge of 27 I stand. Not without some level of fear, but certainly with an apt amount of courage.

THIS WILL BE a year of faith, a year of trust, a year of perseverance, a year of obedience, a year of transference, a year of inherent value, a year of strength, a year of love, and a year of full life.

I believe for a stronger year then what these eyes have ever seen. This is a year where hope will not disappoint.


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